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Who wants stuff featured on my blog next week?

I’m gonna be flighty and sporadic here for the next two weeks and want to make sure I have a full queue of things so my blog won’t go full LeakyCon mode with no mitigating Celestial wavelengths.


I’ll be filling my queue but if you have cool things that are related to:

Captain Jack/Captain John
Non-shippy Castiel things (esp. Endverse)
Neat non-shippy Castiel art
Non-shippy SuperWood or SuperWho things
Buffy things of any speed and flavor (esp Spike, Willow and/or Giles)
1940’s stuff
Swing music

Please fire me an ask or fanmail (or submit). Can be yours or can be cool things you’ve found elsewhere. Thanks! You’ll be helping me out and sharing things with people who share the same interests and/or were coerced into hanging out on tumblr with me. They’ll like your stuff. They have no choice.

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they call you lucifer’s angel

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☢ — I found you because of awabubbles. I think she was reblogging some of your stuff or I found some references to you in her artwork, or both and well I just had to come on over and check you out. I know you were one of my very very early follows for sure, probably one of the first 10 or 20. (and that's probably how you started following me, yeah?)

I’m betting if you reblogged anything harkstiel and then followed me, I practically insta-followed you. x) But yes, that sounds about right! You’re still the Ianto to my Jack.

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Jack using Castiel’s mental prayer hotline to make transatlantic booty calls.

Castiel explaining that he has a six hour time difference and is busy. Feeling guilty and abusing his angel powers to offer a long-distance celestial handjob… without appropriate warning.

Awkward telepathic argument ensues.

Sam wondering why Castiel’s been standing in the bathroom doorway making a pissy face for the last ten minutes. Dammit, he needs to pee.

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There was a banner ad at the bottom of this ‘Big Five’ personality trait online test.

An ad for Nutter Butters.

Well played.

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*facepalm* I don’t use my tumblr app for a couple weeks and completely forget how to respond to asks publicly. I replied and then was looking for it on my blog, couldn’t find it, refreshed and then went “…oh.”

Be it known that caswouldratherbehere was probably my very first mutual follow, since I failed to post her ask! But it’s been so long, neither of us remembers. x)

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how did you find me? put an icon in my ask!



☀ — from the sidebar’s ‘recommended’ blogs.
♫ — from the like/reblog notes in a post.
— from a post on someone’s blog.
☼ — from a post on the dashboard.
☯ — from someone’s blogroll.
✘ — from a tag search.
☢ — other (specify).

i’ve always wondered. i’m super curious.

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So I love Harry Potter… Wendi Riggens Photography


So I love Harry Potter… Wendi Riggens Photography


When I was pregnant with Claire, I had the idea to do this series. After 20 months of brainstorming, scouting locations, designing sets, making props and costumes, shooting, editing, and stressing, I finally feel like it is complete. I started this project for me, to have some fun shots of my daughter based in the world of Harry Potter, a world that I love. In the end, I didn’t get do all of the…

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For all my LeakyCon followers and fellow Potter fans - this amazing photographer is my friend Wendi, and she’ll be coming with us this year for her very first LeakyCon! I was honored to be at last night’s debut of this huge Harry Potter photo project, and wanted to share the insane level of adorableness.

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